we help you work with the best companies in china

device oems

China device OEMs are expanding in China and globally at a remarkable pace, with 6 of the top 10 global smartphone vendors based in China. Device OEMs are seeking partnerships with global best-of-breed solution and application providers. ADG can help you develop partnerships with the following China OEMs and more. 

mobile internet and app developers

Chinese Internet companies and app developers are now some of the largest in the world, addressing 700 million China users and growing globally. They are seeking to partner with global companies to support their China and global growth, and want to create alliances and make strategic investments. 

mobile operators

With over 1.2 billion mobile subscribers and over 600 million smartphone users, China mobile operators wield strong influence in the mobile ecosystem. The operators are state owned, complex, massive organizations, requiring a well thought out and managed program to address the opportunities. 

retail and distribution

China's offline and online retail market, and the supporting distribution system, are now the world's largest. Growing wealth and discretion of the Chinese consumer is opening more opportunities for global companies. We work to quickly engage and develop the optimal partners for you. 

Telco & enterprise sis

As the China operators and medium to large enterprises pursue the use of mobile, big data, and cloud solutions, the network of attractive ISV and SI partners to support those opportunities continues to develop. We help leading companies develop their network of partners across verticals such as telecom, financial services, government, retail, and more.

and others in the ecosystem

ADG's China customer and partner ecosystem spans the technology spectrum, and also includes leaders in other sectors ranging from AdTech, Gaming, IC/SoC, IDH/ODMS, Digital Media/Content, to the China investment community and government organizations.