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Rivals link up with China Mobile in their sights

FT - “Reading the tea leaves, this seems to support a lot of rumours of late that China Telecom and China Unicom will eventually merge,” said Chris DeAngelis of the Alliance Development Group, a Beijing-based consultancy.

Ecommerce offers a cheaper and faster way to market in China

FT - In just a few years, the BAT conglomerates has been able to monopolise every aspect of daily life that could conceivably be put on the web and sold to the public. “They all want to own the customer, they want to be with them every second of the day, when they watch a video, chat to their friends, buy groceries, or go to a restaurant” says Chris DeAngelis from the Beijing-based Alliance Development Group.

China seeks quantum leap to a new economic model

FT - Chris DeAngelis, of Beijing-based Alliance Development Group, believes China’s resources will eventually win out. “In areas such as software development I am already seeing huge amounts of creativity percolating out of the universities and younger graduates,” he says.

China’s Tsinghua Unigroup eyes $23bn Micron buyout

FT - Tsinghua Unigroup has come from nowhere in the past two years to become China’s national chip champion, as it aggressively buys stakes in foreign chipmakers and partners with top global companies. 

It says its mission is “becoming a world class chip giant.” That has put the company at the centre of the government’s push to wean China away from its dependence on foreign suppliers such as US group Qualcomm, said Chris DeAngelis of Beijing-based Alliance Development Group. Unigroup, he said, was “going after anything chip-related, part of a broad-based effort towards self-sufficiency”. -

China Cites Security In Crackdown On Western Tech: Is it Protectionism or Prudence?

International Business Times - China’s new regulations are far-reaching, but they’re also on par with laws and regulations being instituted by other countries around the world, said Chris DeAngelis, the China general manager of Alliance Development Group, a firm that specializes in helping American businesses break into the Chinese market. DeAngelis pointed out that in the U.K., Prime Minister David Cameron has said he would ban messaging apps that do not give his government a backdoor to monitor for terrorist threats. “Are they protecting their own companies? Maybe, but I don’t think any more so than any other country would,” DeAngelis said. “I don’t see this as something that’s significantly more troublesome than what everyone else is doing.”