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Ecommerce offers a cheaper and faster way to market in China

FT - In just a few years, the BAT conglomerates has been able to monopolise every aspect of daily life that could conceivably be put on the web and sold to the public. “They all want to own the customer, they want to be with them every second of the day, when they watch a video, chat to their friends, buy groceries, or go to a restaurant” says Chris DeAngelis from the Beijing-based Alliance Development Group.

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Chinese e-commerce's rush into online finance could put countless users' data at risk

China Economic Review - “Generally speaking there is a very serious push by the government to use biometrics for authentication,” said Chris DeAngelis, Beijing-based general manager for Alliance Development Group, which helps foreign tech firms expand on the mainland.

The law does not mention what those factors might be, but biometrics could prove a convenient complement to existing methods.  “My understanding is that, for example, three-factor authentication could be the device itself, a pin number and a biometric,” DeAngelis said.