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Should the West suspect Chinese tech?

BBC - Granted, these are two different issues, but the incidents highlight one glaring fact: the West is increasingly suspicious of Chinese tech. That suspicion is complicated by the current "geopolitical tension", says Chris DeAngelis of the ADG group in Beijing. Regardless of whether there is truth to the national security concerns, the real issue, he says, is that the US and the UK want to ensure the survival of globally competitive firms that compete with ZTE. The geopolitical tension Mr DeAngelis is referring to is the ongoing trade row between the US and China.

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China's Uber has plans to take on the rest of the world

BBC - "This is not old China. This is a new generation, " says Chris DeAngelis, who routinely advises Western companies coming into China. "The US needs to wake up because right now, we're going to get our asses kicked basically," adds Chris, speaking of the prowess that Chinese tech firms such as Didi have over American ones.


Blocked Broadcom deal may stunt Chinese Silicon Valley investment

REUTERS - Stopping Broadcom’s deal was a “broad litmus test (that) will likely cut off market opportunities, strategic alliances, key sources of financing and exits for U.S. tech companies in the future,” said David Sullivan, managing director of Alliance Development Group, a firm that helps U.S. tech companies enter the Chinese market.

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Google and China’s Tencent Find Being Friends Has Benefits

wsj - Chris DeAngelis, China general manager for technology consultancy Alliance Development Group, sees the tie-up with Google as a sign of Tencent’s global ambitions. “It represents that China’s technology giants have grown up,” Mr. DeAngelis said. “Tencent is now a global player.”