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After 1,000 Year Slumber, China Vows to Invent Again

wsj - "How many people do you need to be creative or innovative? Do you need a nation of Steve Jobs? You just need one of them," says Chris DeAngelis, Beijing-based General Manager of consultancy Alliance Development Group. "China's got five times the population of the U.S. That's enough." 

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 China Leading The Way on Big Data

 bloomberg - David Sullivan, MD of Alliance Development Group talked on the rise of big data in China with Doug Krizner and Rishaad Salamat. David Sullivan said:"In China they are using Big Data in banking industry, eCommerce, health care, also, the three large internet companies of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are very actively using Big Data."


Kansas City Startup Shows How To Succeed In China With An Alibaba Deal

ForbesEyeVerify started early in China, when the company only had eight employees. The company led by founder and CEO Toby Rush, inked several deals with tier one smartphone OEMS, drew investment from China’s Qihoo 360, did a cooperation agreement with Alibaba and Alipay, and then got acquired, tells David Sullivan, Silicon Valley-based managing director of Alliance Development Group, which advised EyeVerify.


Why China's Cities Want Stricter Rules For Its $73B Ride-Hailing Market

Forbes - The final versions are likely to be moderated, as authorities and companies continue to negotiate rules acceptable to both sides, says Chris DeAngelis, general manager of consultancy Alliance Development Group, which helps western companies expand in China.

“I see this as more of a reminder to the industry that they are being monitored closely and they should continue to develop along the lines outlined in the draft regulations or their lives could become more difficult,” DeAngelis said.


How Uber Rival's Founder Won Friends and Influenced Beijing

wsj“It is unprecedented for all three internet giants to come together to create a China powerhouse in the sector,” said Chris DeAngelis, general manager of consultancy ADG, which helps Western technology companies expand in China. “The game has been won.”


Tim Cook, in China, Seeks to Stem Apple's Losses

wsj"He has to be really friendly with the government,” said Chris DeAngelis, general manager of tech consultancy ADG, noting Apple’s efforts to expand in Chinese sectors such as mobile payments, that are difficult for foreign companies to enter.


US pans to place restrictions on ZTE

WSJ - “This feels very much like we are clearly in the middle of a technology trade war escalation,” said Chris DeAngelis, a consultant at Beijing-based Alliance Development Group. “ZTE is an important state-influenced company. You’re aiming close to the heart.”


ADG receives Meizu's Best Overseas Partner Award on behalf of Fleksy

PR Newswire - "There's massive demand for a premium keyboard like Fleksy which combines speed, beautiful design, and customization options.  We're thankful and honored to have the opportunity to provide this to Meizu users.  ADG has been a great partner for us, acting as our 'feet on the street' in China and helping us close deals with leading China smartphone OEMs," said Kosta Eleftheriou, Founder & CEO of Fleksy.

Rivals link up with China Mobile in their sights

FT - “Reading the tea leaves, this seems to support a lot of rumours of late that China Telecom and China Unicom will eventually merge,” said Chris DeAngelis of the Alliance Development Group, a Beijing-based consultancy.

Is China looking to build its own secure smartphones?

Digital Trends - “Right now the security sector is very hot,” said Chris DeAngelis, Beijing-based general manager at consultancy Alliance Development Group. “The government is looking for non-foreign technologies as much as possible to prevent various back doors.”

Ecommerce offers a cheaper and faster way to market in China

FT - In just a few years, the BAT conglomerates has been able to monopolise every aspect of daily life that could conceivably be put on the web and sold to the public. “They all want to own the customer, they want to be with them every second of the day, when they watch a video, chat to their friends, buy groceries, or go to a restaurant” says Chris DeAngelis from the Beijing-based Alliance Development Group.

China Aims to Build Its Own Secure Smartphones

WSJ - China is seeking to make its own secure smartphones, in an attempt to insulate its handsets from U.S. surveillance. The effort involves both state-owned companies and some of the country's savvier technology firms and marks the latest step in Beijing's quest to build a homegrown tech industry that cuts out U.S. suppliers.

China seeks quantum leap to a new economic model

FT - Chris DeAngelis, of Beijing-based Alliance Development Group, believes China’s resources will eventually win out. “In areas such as software development I am already seeing huge amounts of creativity percolating out of the universities and younger graduates,” he says.

Chinese apps see a space in utility

Press Reader - The company are adept at adding features and functions quickly and many have deep pockets to support marketing and distribution investments,” said David Sullivan, MD of Alliance Development Group, which provides global technology companies with services in China market expansion, business development and strategic investment.

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Chinese e-commerce's rush into online finance could put countless users' data at risk

China Economic Review - “Generally speaking there is a very serious push by the government to use biometrics for authentication,” said Chris DeAngelis, Beijing-based general manager for Alliance Development Group, which helps foreign tech firms expand on the mainland.

The law does not mention what those factors might be, but biometrics could prove a convenient complement to existing methods.  “My understanding is that, for example, three-factor authentication could be the device itself, a pin number and a biometric,” DeAngelis said.

Apus to invest Rs 100 crore in Indian startups, to open India R&D center"

ET Tech - These companies are spreading their wings, there's going to be more cross-border partnerships," said David Sullivan the managing director of Alliance Development Group in an earlier conversation with ET. ADG provides global technology companies with services on China market expansion, business development, and strategic investment services.

The power of big data in China

CKGSB Knowledge - “In the big picture, I would say big data and all of what that entails is being massively embraced by China, by the Chinese government, by the internet companies,” says David Sullivan, an analyst at Alliance Development Group (ADG), which assists technology companies expanding in China. “They were and probably are a little behind Google and Amazon, but they started a little bit later. Right now, they’re starting to establish more R&D centers, they’re putting more dollars behind it.”